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Background:  My curriculum is based (very loosely) off of a considerably out of date textbook. In an attempt to bring the information into the present, I spent a good amount of time last year researching and creating articles in the form of “chapters” for my students to read, learn from, and exercise their skills in annotation and text-based responding. I typed all of these up and saved them to my Google Drive to print out or edit as needed.

My goal for my website is to create a digital library that is on grade level for my students, from which they can learn, conduct research, and contribute. I have broken my curriculum into units entered around specific times and locations. The most recently completed one is my Prehistory unit. My ultimate goal is to create a webpage per Chapter. These would have images, links, sourcing, and explanations for each topic. I have not gotten to that step yet.  As a time saving measure, I have used “Buttons” to link the Google Drive documents to the site. From there the students can open them and read or print them off.

It was a pretty simple process to circumvent the need to create hundreds of pages immediately. What I did was:

  1. Make sure you set your Drive share settings to “view only” Unless you want your students able to access the page AND edit it, too.
  2. Right click on desired document on Drive.
  3. Click “Get Shareable Link”
  4. Copy the link that appears
  5. Go into Elementor and click and drag a button to the page.
  6. Change the name from “Click Here” to the desired title
  7. Paste the URL of the shareable link into the “Your Links” space and hit publish.

This also works for videos, links, and redirection to other pages. It is much more sleek than posting a complete hyperlink and as fast, or faster, than embedding a link into a block of text.

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