Open Pedagogy

Open, in this context is the unfettered exchange and sharing of information, ideas, and knowledge. Pedagogy is the delightful mix of science and art that teachers use to instruct and inform students.

Open pedagogy is an amazing idea; just think about it, every educator sharing what works and what doesn’t for them, openly and without concern of ridicule or shaming. This is the kind of professional development we all need. There is no teacher, greenhorn or veteran, who couldn’t benefit from hearing the ideas of others and using them to better themselves. I would welcome this kind of environment with open arms. the for-profit lecturers who haven’t been in a classroom for 15 years, yet still talk down to you, would disappear and the quiet voices of skilled in-service experts would come to the forefront. This environment is where educational reform would come from. This is the way of the future for teaching.