Detox Reading #3

What Really Happens To Your Brain And Body During A Digital Detox (Fast Company)

Neuroscientists observed 35 people who were totally cut off from their devices in the Moroccan desert. The results were life-changing.

This article describes the visible effects of a digital detox, walking the reader through the changes they might observe in themselves, or in their peers during and after a digital detox. A well researched and concise article.

Detox Reading #4

Digital Detox® – Disconnect to Reconnect (Digital Detox)

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We are more globally connected than ever …

This is the homepage for the non-profit Digital Detox organization. THere is too much information to list it all, but i will name a few. They provide retreats, offer more concrete steps towards detoxing, offer even more research into the benefits of detoxing, and promote true social interaction through, “Disconnect to Reconnect.”




Detox Reading #1

Digital Hygiene (Forbes)

Here are 30 reasons to do a digital detox; ideas to make you think, to challenge you, and to give you motivation. If you’re curious about the benefits of a digital detox for work and work-life balance, these tips are for you. A digital detox can be a great strategy to use to achieve balance in the digital world.

This is a very basic, generic list of benefits for why a Digital Detox is a good thing. This was the first choice as it provided a glance at many different benefits without diving too deep.